Weekly Bite of Yiddishkayt: Adrienne Cooper, z”l

Greetings from the gegnt,

Two years since her passing and the Yiddish world carries on in Adrienne Cooper’s legacy. For our weekly bite of Yiddishkayt, revisit our 2010 interview.

To follow where Adrienne’s legacy leads, read Ezra Berkley Nepon’s speech from this year’s Adrienne Cooper Dreaming in Yiddish Award. Ezra introduces Jenny Romaine while also locating “Yiddishland.”

As it turns out, especially for those of us who don’t have conversational skills, dreaming in Yiddish is one of the ways we can enter Yiddishland. In our waking lives, we can also enter through the collective dreamscapes that emerge from the New Yiddish Theater of Jenny Romaine. This world of moving images, mashed-up musical montages, swimming symbols, and folkloric fantasia offers us a portal into Yiddishland, an entryway that jumps from Long Island’s Jewish day schools to a busy Times Square intersection, to a borscht belt hotel, and then springs up again down under the Manhattan Bridge.

And a happy new year from the individual desks of Christa and Amanda.

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