Weekly Bite of Yiddishkayt: Khanike (Hanukkah) in Ireland

Linda Gritz remembers teaching her Irish friends about Khanike (Hanukkah) – including their surprising reaction to latkes.

Weekly Bite of Yiddishkayt: The Rabbi Told Stories in Yiddish on Yom Kippur

Have you ever wished you could understand Yiddish? Mark Gerstein, z”l, recalls the stories his rabbi used to tell in Yiddish on Yom Kippur, wishing for a time machine so he could go back to understand them.

Weekly Bite of Yiddishkayt: “On Being Jewish and American.”

On the occasion of July 4th, United States Independence Day, Judy Kunofsky encourages others to build a modern American Jewish community that has “all the pieces.”

Weekly Bite of Yiddishkayt: “The only Jew in a college library.”

What’s a bar mitzvah? What are the High Holidays? Elaine Trehub reflects on what it was like for her to answer these and other questions as the only Jewish person working at a college library.

Weekly Bite of Yiddishkayt: “Passover Sandwiches? My Mother’s Special Recipe.”

Historian Robert Potash recalls his mother’s recipe for the perfect Peysekh matzoh sandwich.

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