Weekly Bite of Yiddishkayt: Benjamin Harshav, z”l, Remembers Collecting Folklore in the Markets in Vilna

Benjamin (Binyomen) Harshav, z”l, remembers the market in Vilna, where he grew up in the 1930s. He passed away last week. May his memory be a blessing.

Weekly Bite of Yiddishkayt: We Would Embrace Even A Stranger: Vilna in the First Days After WWII

What were the first days like after the end of World War Two and the Holocaust? Fania Brantsovsky remembers returning to Vilna from the surrounding forests where she had been a Jewish partisan.

Shimon Alperovitch, z”l, 1928-2014

Shimon Alperovitch z''l

I am sad to pass on the news that one of our narrators passed away today. Shimon Alperovitch (Simonas Alperavičius), long-time president of the Jewish Community in Vilnius, Lithuania,  had a strong, gentle presence when I interviewed him in August, 2012.

Watch the full interview, in Yiddish, here.

May his memory be for a blessing,